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A shade sail or shade canopy is a product to create shade for outdoor spaces based on the technologies of a ship’s sail. More specifically, I am referring to the fabric portion of the structure. The shade sail (canopy) system allows for attachments to a wide variety of hardware. As an example, in a shade structure system, the shade sail may be attached to multiple poles that are set in concrete footings or cables suspended from buildings. Home based applications may find the sails attached to a house, tree or other structures.  Shade sails, when properly constructed utilize heavy duty sun-resistant fabrics suspended between anchor points. They may be installed either permanently or temporarily and are often cheap and easy to set up. They are regularly provided to shade public gathering spaces such as playgrounds or amphitheaters in locals where the sun’s radiation makes prolonged stays in the open sun dangerous. Shade sails are ideal for gardens, patios, terraces, entry ways, play areas, and pools. They can provide attractive protection over car parking spaces. Stretch them between trees, well-grounded posts or existing structures. Simple to follow installation instructions are typically included with most sail purchases, and all materials you require may be available from your local hardware store. The shade canopy industry was built around the shade fabrics which are often referred to as shade canopies, shade sails or shade screens. When the term shade sail is mentioned, most people are at a loss until you describe the history of the shade sail.

Shade Sail Triangle 11'10


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